You sit in front of a cloaked figure the size of a small child. He, if in fact what you are looking at is male, is making sure to hide himself as best possible. What small glimpses of his skin you see are intensely pale and wrinkled. There’s no doubt from the description you were given that this is who you were supposed to meet here. The instructions asked for extreme discretion on your part, with as little inquiry into the nature of your would be employer as possible.

Once you are all situated in front of him, the diminutive creature takes a long, wheezing breath and begins to speak

“I don’t want to go over the history of the ancient Magisters with you. We all know about the lost kingdom of Hera-Cou. There are stories describing their long dead gods; the empire built upon slave labor; the strange powers they held over their dominion. We’ve heard all the stories growing up. While some of the legends have been obviously overblown there’s more than a nugget of truth in them.”

His voice sounds like a cross of a small child and an elderly woman who had smoked too many pipes in her day. The accent seems to strongly point towards gnomish, though there is a serious inflection in there that you cannot pinpoint.

“I want to speak about one of the Magisters in particular though. Magister Felxerse. His name, ages later, still holds a presence to it that few others in our world does. He single handedly doubled the size of Hera-Cou. There were talks that he has mastered death itself and lived on. Obviously those rumors were wildly exaggerated.”

“I know, I know. You’re sitting there thinking, why do I give a damn. Well, Felxerse left something behind, something that was thought lost. His crypt, The Lost Sepulcher, has been found. And here’s the thing that will blow your mind. His death cult is still there. These crazy nuts have lived there for countless centuries. I don’t know how they are still alive down there. What I can tell you is they’re so crazily devote (and inbred) that it’s causing some issues. "

“That’s where you come in. I represent a mercantile group who are having issues with competing factions in an area we used to find very lucrative. My company, Traffickers of the FeyDark, will pay handsomely if you can help mitigate some of our problems. Between the death cult, duergar, kobolds, and just a plethora of other nasties, there’s room for some entrepreneurial adventurers to make some real gold. I know of a recently uncovered passage you can use. Head down there, clean up what you can, calm down any tensions you can, and make your way to the Traffickers of the FeyDark and we will make sure you’re well compensated.”


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