Half-Orc Shamen


It was believed that there was a great storm when Waf was born. He was born to a human mother, when she learned that he was Half-Orc she moved to the countryside to avoid ridicule from the town that was mostly human. Even though Orcs raided the town from time to time, half-orc children were not welcome in the town. Eventually the mother, found a tribe of half-orc living with other races, where Waf grew up.

During a rights of passage, he met his spirit companion. As it was unusual for someone his age to find a spirit companion, and to be a bear. It was believed he should be taught the ways of a shaman. He was taught the healing proprieties of the bear spirit companion and the ways of nature, and Waf and the bear became great friends. As he got older he decided to leave to find adventure and try to find his destiny. He left with only the cloths on his back and knowledge of his master.

He found an adventuring company and learn to use the quarter-staff and he dislike knifes and axes and found them too primitive. To him the quarter-staff was an elligent weapon. He was given a chance to help forge a new town and cut his teeth on a new adventure, which was challenging and exciting. He continues to learn more and was gifted in healing.


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